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Conference calls, meetings, and torture…..If you’ve been in many of the first two, then the last is a given. Most business people I know will quickly tell you both conference calls and meetings can be a waste of time. I’d agree! So I went to the book, GTE to get some inspiration on these and other P3 issues (People). Here’s what I found: Chapter 16 discusses the principles that make work effective.
Workmanship is a concept God Himself put into action, and seeing how He does it provides some insight into what makes a rewarding place to work. First, there is always purpose to what He does, and asks us to do. Without purpose, we are left to wander in circles, where ever individual agendas take us. This probably accounts for most of the lost time and productivity in meetings. Most aren’t clear on the purpose for the meeting.
Next, God puts us into work environments to force us to work together! Most of us wouldn’t choose to hang out with people who are markedly different than we are, so God uses work to force us to come together and blend our ideas and abilities. If we start looking at meetings as a way to hear and open up to new ideas, we would probably enjoy hearing that person share their thoughts, instead of seeing it as droning on and on….
Just thinking…..Oops, got to run to the next meeting!

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