May 25, 2017

Events & Appearances


God The Entrepreneur Workshop

This workshop is designed for anyone who wants to dig into principles of God the Entrepreneur and how to apply those principles to every area of life. Biblical and personal application with a lot of interaction and discussion will bring to life the concepts Dr. Buddy wrote about in book.

God the Entrepreneur Workshop TTT – $750 per person, or 2 from the same organization for $1250

This workshop provides the opportunity for organizations to bring the message and anointing of God the Entrepreneur into your own organization. Attendees will have attended the GTE Workshop first, and been approved to be certified as a trainer by your sponsoring organization. Each attending organization will receive 10 sets of books/workbooks from the GTE Workshop to take back and begin scheduling your own GTE Workshop (that’s a $990 value!).

For further details on any of the workshops, or to discuss sessions being delivered in your own organization, email: or call Robin Altland @ 770-645-2017