Grace & Humility

In the New Testament guidelines it tells us that, “God opposes the proud and self-reliant but gives grace to the humble. Humble yourselves therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that He may lift you up in due time.” (I Peter 5:5-6)

Pride is an offense to The Father and stops grace. Pride can be rationalized and especially by well meaning followers. Many successful business people take pride in their being called to be big givers. They give their money with great analysis and reluctance based on their personal criteria and considers this being good stewards. While being a generous giver is to be admired but to take pride in it becomes a limiting factor to the giver.

I keep on my desk a small paper weight that I received from the Coca-Cola Company. It is a quote from Coca-Cola’s entrepreneur, Robert Woodruff. He was a godly man. I believe he had a vision for the Kingdom of God evidenced by the legacy he left. God released His grace upon him and the Coca-Cola Company. The paper weight says, “It is amazing what can be accomplished when it doesn’t matter who gets the credit”. This is a great reminder of humility. Stating it a little differently we could add that “it is beyond what the eye can see, the ear can hear, or the mind can comprehend when we allow grace to have it’s proper place.” (1 Corinthians 2:9).

One of the most interesting and confirming information is found in the book “Good to Great” by author Jim Collins. In analyzing the great companies, the discovery was that the C.E.O.s that built these companies that last, were men of great humility. They were able to see their companies as instruments of change. They must be seen as bringing things out from under the curse. This means they learned to access grace.

The other key ingredient that must exist is faith. As co-laborers with Spirit our part is to use our natural ability, our acquired skills and this activates our faith. The Manual says it is impossible to please The Executive Committee without faith. Faith, in very simple definition, is acting on what God has promised or said.

God, the Founder, has given us extraordinary promises. Faith demands that we must not only believe them, believe God can, but believe He will: Acting on them, putting motion to our devotion. Entrepreneurs know their dreams are not realistic or reasonable but they know they must do them for the joy set before them.

Therefore, in order to have great grace there must be great faith. Small faith produces small grace and great faith produces great grace