Your Calling In Business & Ministry

Do Christian business people have a “calling” just like those in “full time” pulpit ministry? I have a hard time wrapping my head around the fact people are still asking that question in 2017. Not only do we have a rich history from the Bible to back up the role of priests AND kings, but so many of Jesus’ lessons (i.e. Parables) were drawn from business life and the marketplace.
Perhaps the real struggle is with our religious mindset about what Kingdom really looks like in action. Let’s face it, just as the issue was who was going to control the people back in Biblical times, this issue today is still about control, who has the money and who gets to control what happens with that money. A friend recently went to a meeting of ministers gathered together to strategize about how to impact homelessness and help with rehabilitation after incarceration. It didn’t take long to realize that the real issue was not about doing things to make an impact, but who was going to get the next grant to keep their ministry afloat. Harsh? Perhaps, but more than a grain of truth in the analysis. Obvious opportunities for partnering that would have significant impact were overlooked for lone agendas that garnered more cash flow.
God has definitely anointed people to build and maintain businesses; it is clear in their results. Not all of them are acknowledging Him in their success, but it still comes from Him (see Deut 8: 17-18). God judges each of us by what He gives us to steward, and how we use it (see Matt 25: 14-30). When there is a true unity of vision for His Kingdom, and a commitment to build His Kingdom, each with his own gifts and abilities, then maybe we’ll stop asking these kinds of questions, and start building with real results for Him.

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